Our Company

We put on amazing shows that capture an audience and bring life to baroque dance.

Terpsichore & Fantaisies

2012, Creation in JuneTerpsichore (Rebel, Haendel

            Created in FebruaryFantaisies (Marais/ Lully, Courbois, Nougaro/Vivaldi, Bach)

La Belle Dame

2011, revival of Francine Lancelot’s choreographies for Lully’s opera Atys

Premiere of La Belle Dame (Lully, Rameau, Rebel)

Songes & Un air de Folies

2009, Songes (Lully, Charpentier, Vivaldi, Purcell)

2007, Un air de Folies (Marais, Lambert, Guédron, Bataille, Boesset).

Un Voyage d’hiver

2006, Un Voyage d’hiver (Schubert).

2002, Que ma joie demeure (Bach).

1999, choreography for Gérard Corbiau’s film Le roi danse.

Our Story

Founded in 1993 by Béatrice Massin, Fêtes Galantes elaborates on the many aspects of baroque dance.

The confrontation between baroque style and contemporary dance gives birth to a specific writing.

By steering clear of any attempt at reconstitution, the company chose to bring forward, in our time, a kind of baroque that would interest the contemporary.

  • Baroque Dance Ability 95% 95%
  • Sold Out Shows 72% 72%
  • Unique Choreography 85% 85%
  • Audience Happiness 90% 90%
Beatrice Massin

Beatrice Massin


Leading the charge is Beatrice Massin, who has been dancing and choreographing since she was just 10 years old.  You can occasionally catch her teaching classes when she isn’t directing.

Michell Repellin

Michell Repellin


Michell handles all of the day to day tasks and organizes the shows that you come to see.  He’s constantly learning and adapting, so each show is better than the last.

Evelyn Rubert

Evelyn Rubert


Handling all of the behind the scenes stuff, Evelyn takes care of all the technical stuff that goes into each show for over 30 years now and loves every minute of it.