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A light form for any public and any type of place.

With his Fantaisies Béatrice Massin finds the baroque duo’s work through dance courses designed for the public as well as for young audiences.

Short and light, the Fantasies are modular and adaptable.
Two or three Fantasies compose a program: The Wolf and the Lamb, Atlas Fantaisies and Filia Fantaisie are the first three duos that make up this program. Other Fantasies are coming and will feed this palette of baroque today …

Around the show:
– Meeting with the public before or after the show
– Conferences of Béatrice Massin
– Cultural actions: see all possibilities in the section Baroque workshop / cultural action

* Download the presentation file, the press review, the technical sheet and the hd images of the show on the professional space of the site (contact the company to obtain the password)

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