T-shirts are a wardrobe choice that cuts across all ages and cultures. It is a favorite medium for spreading messages in the modern age. The design of a t-shirt plays a huge role in influencing the buying decision. T-shirts are the most comfortable item of clothing in your wardrobe and most people who buy them and wear them more than once.

For the t-shirt printing business, you must choose a high quality material such as cotton, spandex, linen, polyester, et al. to extend value to your customers. In this guide, we explore tips that can help you in choosing the right design for your business gathered from leading t-shirt printing experts in the world.

Keep it Simple

The best designs are the simple ones, which drives the message home in 30 seconds or less. So make your design as detailed possible to convey your intended message but simple enough for people to understand it. One of the golden sayings of t-shirt printing experts is that “detail is important, but simplicity is king.”

You will realize that simple t-shirt designs resonate better with your target audience and they convey the message easily to people who are not aware of your cause.

Stay on the Pulse

T-shirt printing experts have to stay on the pulse of emerging trends concerning shades, colors, shapes, et al. Do not construe this as a way to just a way of following trends, but is with the aim of becoming the trendsetters. Choose a particular age group; concentrate on studying their consuming trends and introduce to them your unique designs.

You will need to have a social media strategist to manage and scour various social media platform to do market analysis as well as manage your social media marketing of your sample designs.

Create Samples

These are a sure way to elicit comments and views from your target market. Pick the best designs from the batch and print a few. Spread them to your best customers, make digital marketing ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and comparing from the reviews from your social media fans, choose the most popular.

For those that do not make the cut, you can print them in order from those who like them. You can also advertise them on a newsletter using your emailing list.

In conclusion, t-shirt printing experts reckon that the best designs are those that have a maximum of three colors, and the design limited to a particular area of the t-shirt without the other parts looking crowded. Contrasting the color of your design to the color of the fabric is another way to make the design pop and look attractive. The above tools will help you in getting the right design for your t-shirt printing business.