Clothing and jewellery are a few of the things in which men and women have different preferences. The pattern, the colour and a lot of other things differ from each other. Just like everything the there is a difference between the men’s wedding band and women’s wedding band. More than anything, the preference of your partner is the most important. If you and your partner are satisfied, nothing else matters. You can proceed further and purchase it. In this article, we will see the difference between men’s wedding bands and women’s wedding bands.



The first and most evident difference is the width of the wedding band. In general, men tend to wear wedding bands with higher width and women tend to wear wedding bands with less width. The common width for men is around 6mm, which is 0.236 inches. The common width for women is around 4mm, which is 0.157 inches. Even though this is the most common scenario, there are men who have wedding bands that have a thickness less than 4mm, and at the same time, there are men who have wedding bands as wide as 12mm.


When it comes to finishing men prefer having either a satin finish or brush finish. The finish looks more like the finish of the stainless steel sink in the kitchen. This is because the mindset of men is set in such a way that the shiny and the smooth finish belong to women. Another reason is that they do not have to worry about scratches. On the contrary, women like to have a shiny and polished finish on their wedding bands. Women tend to prefer shiny surfaces because it attracts people and easily grabs their attention.


The predominant men prefer to have plain wedding bands. They do not prefer any kinds of stones, even if it is the most expensive stone on the planet. But things have started to change as some men are preferring to wear bands with small stones in them. When it comes to women’s wedding bands and stones, there has been no change. They say that “diamonds are girl’s best friends.” It is absolutely true, and almost all the girls have been maintaining their friendship with diamonds for decades and decades. Wedding bands with the same kinds of stones are referred to as eternity bands. There are a lot of reliable stores like where you get wedding bands with all kinds of stones. You can even customize them in the way that you want.


The above mentioned are just the things that happen in general. Things are changing, and the preferences of people are constantly changing. So at the end of the day, it is you and the liking of your better half that matters.

There are good possibilities that these points will come in handy if you are going to buy a wedding band. Make sure that you choose the right one that is appropriate for both of you.