I won’t lie: it was tough for me to get used to that monthly subscription thing I got from Five Four Club. And there were some rough times, too especially when it comes to canceling a subscription or trying to return a piece of clothing. Although they have some weird policies and rules, I still can say that I’ve become a better man since I’ve joined Five Four Club.
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That’s how Tyler (34) from Boston, MA describes his first relationship with Five Four Club, a favorite online men clothing brand. The concept is simple: men don’t have to pay more to look smart. All they need to do is join Five Four Club, fill out a short survey to find their style, and choose their size. The rest is on Five Four Club. They will pick up your order and send you a personally curated package each month until you cancel your subscription.

What’s with men and clothes, anyway?

“Most men don’t like shopping because it’s exhausting. Plus, we don’t have the time to walk around the stores for hours, just to find one T-shirt or pair of jeans. I like cute clothes, because I like to look good at work or when I’m going out. But I sure don’t like the fact that I have to spend so much time on finding the right outfit.

That’s why I like Five Four Club. Once I set my account, I’m done with the fuss. Within a week or so, I got my first package. To be honest, I was anxious about it: didn’t know what to expect. The products looked nice on their website, but still, I couldn’t feel the fabric, nor I could try it on before I bought it.”

Don’t believe everything you read

Tyler did read Five Four Club reviews and testimonials but says they weren’t beneficial. “There is some tenaciously bad campaign that’s been on Five Four Club for some time now. Most of the reviews and testimonials were bad: bad ratings, offensive comments.” People were upset because – as it may turn out – they didn’t quite understand how they can return their clothes or how can they cancel the account. Tyler didn’t get these issues, but he has had some trouble to replace one piece of clothing that wasn’t a fit.

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“I remember receiving the package on Tuesday. I was in a hurry, so I left it on my bed. When I came back home, I wanted to try on my new clothes. But, I wasn’t very pleased with the shirt size. I thought I ordered an L, but they sent me XL. It looked too big to me, and I was going to return it. Luckily, Five Four Club accept these kinds of swaps. You can’t return your package or a single item from it, but you can ask for a smaller or a bigger size (which is, btw, on them!).”

Tyler soon found out about other issues as well. You need to be careful when you’re canceling your account and watch for the date (it can save you a monthly subscription). He also found out that you can pause your subscription, which is a feature he regularly uses.

What I’ve learned from my first online shopping experience is that I need to handle my expectations better. I was often disappointed when opened the package and found some “ordinary” designed shirts or T-shirts. But, that helped me to learn that I shouldn’t believe everything I read.