The company Fêtes galantes, created in 1993 by Béatrice Massin, develops the many aspects of baroque dance and choreographic writing born of the confrontation between the baroque style and the dance of today.

In a few dates:

2012 Creation in June: Terpsichore (Rebel, Handel)
Created in February: Fantaisies (Marais / Lully, Courbois, Nougaro / Vivaldi, Bach)
2011 Recreation of the choreographies of Francine Lancelot for the opera Atys (Lully)
The Beautiful Lady (Lully, Rameau, Rebel)
2009 Songes (Lully, Vivaldi, Charpentier, Purcell).
2007 An air of Folies (Marsh, Lambert, Guédron, Bataille, Boesset).
2006 A Winter Journey (Schubert).
2004 The Wolf and the Lamb, in Fables at the Fountain of La Petite Fabrique
2004 The Baroque parade, as part of the inauguration of the National Center of Dance
2002 Let my joy remain (Bach).
1999 Choreography for the film The King Dance by Gérard Corbiau.

The constant concern of the company Fêtes galantes for pedagogy led him to create the Atelier baroque in 2003. A place of research and transmission of his specific knowledge, he puts at the heart of his activity the cultural action and training of professionals . Anchored in its time, the Atelier Baroque is a place of discovery combining the past and the future.

In 2012, to celebrate its twenty years of existence, the company Fêtes galantes initiated La Pépinière de chorégraphes, a new creative space intended to accompany the company’s performers in their first steps as choreographers. Béatrice Massin and the company Fêtes galantes thus initiate a true current of creation energizing the new baroque.

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