Still thinking about the venue for your wedding? We think you should consider an outdoor wedding for several reasons. Firstly, you will get the ultimate wedding experience that will exceed your expectations. Secondly, a perfect scenery that combines natural lighting and nature will create the memories that you won’t be able to forget. Finally, an outdoor wedding is a great choice for spring and fall brides alike – the weather will be just right.


If you decided to give an outdoor wedding a shot, you should probably find a venue that will meet your needs. Our recommendation is Austin, Texas and here’s the list of reasons why it is a great place for an outdoor wedding venue.

A variety of venues – Austin, Texas became a rapidly growing wedding venue market in the last couple of years. Different traits of the city itself, such as its position, history, and culture, made it one of the most interesting and most beautiful places in this part of the country. There are basically venues for all types of outdoor weddings – from golf courts and luxurious resorts to Victorian style mansions with beautiful gardens and waterfalls. If you want to see some unique venues Austin has to offer, click here.

Different settings – want a rustic or a modern setting for your wedding? Maybe to try a more traditional or totally casual approach? You name it because in Austin, Texas there is no way to don’t get the setting that you are looking for. Almost every outdoor venue has its own setting to offer, so it won’t be a problem to find the perfect one for you.

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Beautiful nature – small waterfalls, rock-lined springs, dreamy like creeks and rustic bridges are just a hint of what you can expect from Austin’s natural beauties. Besides having an ideal outdoor wedding scenery, you will be enjoying the benefits of having the most amazing wedding photos and videos ever.

Convenient if you’re not from Texas – Austin is the most comfortable and most convenient place for travelers. The diversity of hotels and affordable accommodation prices are top reasons why you should choose it for your wedding destination. Additionally, some outdoor wedding venues have included accommodation in their price, so make sure you check out some of them and book on time.

Price – an outdoor wedding venue that doesn’t cost too much? Sounds almost like a fairy tale. As a matter of fact, you will have to spend a big budget on a venue, so why don’t you choose an outdoor venue? The price you will be paying for a venue isn’t actually the same in the case of an outdoor venue. Since space is not limited, you can arrange to get several different settings in the same place, which will create a unique wedding experience.

Music – as a place with great musical and cultural activity, Austin will bring you some of the finest tunes and melodies to help you complete your wedding day. The reason why you should choose an outdoor wedding venue in Austin is that not only you will find some of the greatest bands and musicians for your wedding, but you will also get much better experience with music playing outdoor.