Mass B


March 9-18, 2016

With “Mass b” Beatrice Massin makes the bet of youth and the future by turning to a new generation of interpreters and creators.

Twelve years after “Let my joy remain”, the choreographer continues her work by meeting a team of 11 young dancers from diverse schools and paths. It is for her to question with these bodies today a society that seeks a future.

To write from the individualities is first to invent a common language. A long and complex process that begins with a desire for dialogue from a baroque subject that can speak about us and our collective questions. For more than one style, the Baroque dance for Beatrice Massin is an art of multiplicity constrained by a rigorous framework of abstract, mathematical and dynamic writing.

In response to the current images of ruins and crises that cross society, Beatrice Massin wants to question a desire for common construction. In 2014, she began an exchange with the choreographer Christian Rizzo completing his play “From a true story”. From their encounter arises the desire to work on the idea of ​​an abstract architecture oscillating between fusion points of the intimacy of bodies and breaches open on a danced space that breathes the wide open. For “Mass b”, she initiated a work with two of the faithful collaborators of Christian Rizzo, Fréderic Casanova and Caty Olive, scenographers, “plastic artists” of the musical and choreographic scene, lighters of contemporary bodies. From the scenic and choreographic architecture of “Mass b” will sound the sound material. The chosen score is that of the Mass in Bach’s SI which will be spatialized and animated by Emmanuel Nappey, sound creator.

For the choreographer, the time has come to offer each artist invited on this project to question the baroque spirit from its own tools, its history.

Thus Béatrice Massin defends a poetics of gesture rather than a dramaturgy of dance and comes in this way, with this authenticity of its own, to meet the senses of the spectator. From this spectacular experience can be read all the magic of the unique relationship between physical space and sound space that draws in Beatrice Massin this musicality of space so special.

“Mass b” is a choreographic fugue. A subject and a counter-subject compose a question and answer phrase that is exposed with entries in imitation. This form with mathematical structure is recurring in the music of Bach, especially in the Mass in si which is a piece with an important instrumental and chorus. From then on, the interaction between the amplitude of spatial mobility and the overall movements tends to arouse in the spectator a deep sense of pleasure in seeing the dance. For “Mass b”, profane mass, sensory experience, is a proposition that comes to multiply an art of feeling, sensation, perceptive.

By continuing to affirm the capacity of the baroque material to be this meeting point with innovative creative devices, “Mass b” is a project that Béatrice Massin wants to share at this very special moment of its journey with all publics. The invitation is urgent and joyful. You only have to look, listen and feel.