That Remains My Joy

If the dancer’s body was a musical instrument …

If the Compagnie Fêtes galantes became a choreographic orchestra …

A choreographic architecture in canons, in fugues, in questions, in answers, in subjects, in counter-subjects.

The music of J. S. Bach that slips into this choreographic framework designed to welcome him and enjoy his dynamism and fullness.

May my joy remain a dialogue of pleasure between music and dance; The indispensable movement for music and the musicality of dance.

This show exists in outdoor version.

Around the show:

– Meeting with the public before or after the show

– Dance Conference “From ritual to pleasure”

– Cultural actions: see all possibilities in the section Baroque workshop / cultural action

* Download the presentation file, the press review, the technical sheet and the hd images of the show on the professional space of the site (contact the company to obtain the password)