Unique things always work and present people differently that gives a feeling of ownership. Nowadays, people have moved from the era of downloading wallpapers for their computers and their phones too. They choose to make their wallpapers that fit their status and feelings at various times. Wallpapers with religion as the theme are created in high numbers. In countries like India, Krishna Images can be seen very often. In this case, few tips are fun to work with while making own wallpaper and they give the distinctive product at the end.

Choose the design you wish to use to make the wallpaper

Many design types give presentable wallpapers, and that is easy to work with. In choosing the design, it requires an understanding of using the preferred model. Some may need professional experience while anyone can use others. For the use of windows to create wallpapers it is much faster and computer knowledge.

From your library, choose the graphic elements that you wish to use.

These elements may include frames, icons or even banners. The choice on this will depend on where you want to use the wallpaper. The color, shape, and texture of the wallpaper are also essential to be chosen during this step. Because one has in mind what will make them happy then making harmony in the elements to bring out the best is not a problem. Combination of the colors is chosen well to bring out wallpaper that is appealing to the eye. Harmonize the colors and ensure they complement each other.

From your stock of images choose photos.

Photos speak a thousand words. Choose the ones that you wish to combine in the wallpaper either to send out a particular message or just for fun. After choosing the photos or images you want to blend in the design then position them well either right-left, top-bottom or centered-off centered. Maximize the space and ensure the placement is not so much crowded. Every photo needs clarity whether small or large. Compare the elements you had chosen before of color, shape, size, texture, density and much more if it is giving uniformity and unity in the image.


Add filters and any text too

Your image needs to stand out, this way it has to been enhanced through filters and text. Adjust the image’s brightness and saturation. Ensure contracts of the different colors, and the glow of each give out the best and unique picture. Check on the shadow, opacity, the blur, the angle, and the offset when making texts on the image. The color of the text and the background color should contract for clarity and readability. When blurring the image ensure that the blur is balanced and gives out an appealing look.


Save your image, share and set as your wallpaper.

Creating your wallpaper image is not yet done if the image is not saved in the right format. The image can be kept in different formats that can be opened according to one’s preference. Photos can be saved in TNG, JPG, GIF because their density is high and also for these formats the color will be maintained. When the image is saved, one can share with other users through emails or any other photo sharing platform. They can set as their computer or phone wallpapers or even choose to print them.